December 02, 2002

DBI 1.32


file: $CPAN/authors/id/T/TI/TIMB/DBI-1.32.tar.gz
size: 277594 bytes
md5: 5a6b8fb4433da1a9363a0b2ab1d6f21e

=head2 Changes in DBI 1.32, 1st December 2002

Fixed to work with 5.005_03 thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (I've not tested it).
Reenabled taint tests (accidentally left disabled) spotted by Bradley Baetz.
Improved docs for FetchHashKeyName attribute thanks to Ian Barwick.
Fixed core dump if fetchrow_hashref given bad argument (name of attribute
with a value that wasn't an array reference), spotted by Ian Barwick.
Fixed some compiler warnings thanks to David Wheeler.
Updated Steven Hirsch's enhanced proxy work (seems I left out a bit).
Made t/40profile.t tests more reliable, reported by Randy, who is part of
the excellent CPAN testers team:
(Please visit, see the valuable work they do and, ideally, join in!)

ちうわけで DBI 1.32 でました。

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