October 08, 2003

Yahoo! Search via RSS

Jeremy Zawodny's blog: Yahoo! News Search via RSS

Remember a few months ago when Yahoo launched News RSS Feeds? I wrote about it then and am here with more cool news on the Yahoo RSS front.
The News RSS Feeds are great if you want to follow a particular category of news. For example, you might want to read the latest Sports (RSS) or Entertainment (RSS) news in your aggregator. But what if you'd like an RSS News feed generated just for you? One based on a word or phrase that you could supply?
You've got it!

Yahoo! Inc の RSS Feed ですが、ニュースの検索結果も RSS で受け取れるようになったそうです。
特定の単語にマッチしたニュースを Aggregator でとってこれる。


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