October 15, 2003

MySQL Clusters

Jeremy Zawodny's blog: MySQL Clustering Upcoming

Yeay, they've finally announced it:
MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today announced that it has acquired Alzato, a venture company started by Ericsson in 2000. Alzato develops and markets NDB Cluster, a high availability data management system designed for the telecom/IP environment.
MySQL will integrate NDB Cluster technology into its product offerings as a high availability clustering data management engine for systems that require maximum uptime and real-time performance, such as telecom and network applications and heavy-load Web sites. MySQL AB will offer NDB Cluster technology as part of a future MySQL database version targeted for next year.
From what I've seen of the technology so far, MySQL will have some kick ass clustering. This is most excellent.

MySQL AB がクラスタリング系の startup を買収。

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