August 27, 2004

Feed Search vs Web Search

Feed Search vs. Web Search (Jeremy Zawodny's blog)

Of course, this is all very temporary. Once this feed stuff hits the tipping point (I think we're close), things will get really, really interesting. Suddenly these feed sources will be the thing people care about. The model of "search and find" or "browse and read" will turn into "search, find, and subscribe" for a growing segment of Internet users and it will really change how they deal with information on the web.

Yahoo! Inc の Jeremy 氏による、クロール型 Web Search と RSS/Atom などの Feed Search との比較。うまいことまとまってます。

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Feed Search vs Web Search
Excerpt: クロール型 Web Search と RSS/Atom などの Feed Search との比較 わかりやすくまとまってるのでメモ。...
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