April 11, 2005


Brad Choate: Introducing SpamLookup

Yes, it痿冱 another anti-spam plugin. I would have called it MT-DSBL 2.0, but the feature set grew beyond the name, so a more generic name was chosen. This is a 2.0 release however, the plugin deserves more seniority than a 1.0 release, since it was built of the carcass that was MT-DSBL 1.1.

Brad Choate による anti-spam プラグイン。IP アドレスによる Ban や、Comment/Trackback に含まれるリンクによるモデレートなど、必要になる機能をほぼ網羅という感じ。

Jay Allen によるレビューはこちら。

MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse: Introducing SpamLookup

Many times, MT-Blacklist has been characterized as the "Swiss Army knife of weblog spam defenses" for Movable Type by a lot of different people, and rightly so.

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